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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions in short

  • By ordering any of our products, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
  • By placing an order with IMELDA'SECRET you warrant that you are at least 18 years old or have parents' permission to buy from us.
  • All personal information you provide us with will be handled by IMELDA'SECRET responsibly and not shared with third parties.
  • Events outside IMELDA'SECRET's control shall be considered force majeure.
  • The price applicable is the one set at the date on which you place your order.
  • Shipping costs and payment fees are acknowledged before confirming the purchase.
  • Card information is transmitted over secure SSL encryption and is not stored.
  • Please note that local charges may occur.
  • IMELDA'SECRET reserves the right to amend any information without prior notice.


Terms and Conditions

This page contains the Terms and Conditions, please read them carefully before ordering any products from us. You should understand that by ordering any of our products, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.



 The present Terms and Conditions are intended to establish the contract terms of the sales made through the website, domain that is owned by SHU FASHION, Lda with headquarters in Oliva Creative Factory – Rua da Fundição, 240, 3700-119 São João da Madeira – Portugal, registered in the National Register of legal entities, with the number PT 513 396 047 and registered at the Commercial Registry of Lisbon with the same number

The company is represented here by the registered trademark IMELDA’SECRET.


These conditions are agreed between IMELDA’SECRET and any consumer wishing to make a purchase at our online store Both parties agree that their relations and commercial transactions will be governed solely by the Terms and Conditions herein. Access and browsing the online store IMELDA’SECRET, as well as the purchase of its products, presuppose the acceptance and adherence these Terms and Conditions. All electronic messages sent during the access to our online store, including e-mails and messages through an Internet browser will be considered, for the purposes of the applicable law, as contractual statements.

By placing an order with IMELDA'SECRET, you warrant that you are at least 18 years old, or have your parents' permission to buy from us. You accept these Terms and conditions which shall apply to all orders placed or to be placed with IMELDA'SECRET. None of these Terms and Conditions affects your statutory rights. No other terms or changes to the Terms and Conditions shall be binding unless agreed in writing signed by us.


Duration and applicability

The Terms and Conditions regulate the online purchase and sale contract which will expire when the purchased goods and all services related to the purchase made have been provided.


Intellectual property 

All information and content whether visual or sound elements, present in, are the property of SHU FASHION LDA and are protected by International Copyright. Any reproduction, copying, use or disclosure of the same by any means whatsoever is subject to prior authorization.


Personal Information 

All personal information you provide us with will be handled by IMELDA'SECRET responsibly. It will be used to ensure deliveries, credit assessment and to divulge offers and catalog promotions. The information you provide is only available to IMELDA'SECRET and will not be shared with other third parties. You have the right to inspect the information held about you and always have the right to request IMELDA'SECRET to delete or correct the information. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you agree to the above.


 Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The general conditions contained in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed according to Portuguese Law. Any dispute arising out of these conditions will be treated according to the competent Portuguese legal proceedings.


Navigating the website

Navigating IMELDA’SECRET online store and the use of the services of our domain are allowed to any consumer, anywhere in the world. The products and services of our online shop are available to any entity for final consumption.

Placing of orders in our online store is allowed 24 hours a day, every day of the year, subject to possible interruptions by extraneous reasons or force majeure.


Force Majeure 

Events outside IMELDA'SECRET's control, which is not reasonably foreseeable, shall be considered force majeure, meaning that IMELDA'SECRET is released from its obligations to fulfill contractual agreements. Example of such events are government action or omission, new or amended legislation, conflicts, embargo, fire or flood, sabotage, accident, war, natural disasters, strikes or lack of delivery from suppliers. Force majeure also includes government decisions that affect the market negatively and products, for example, restrictions, warnings, ban, etc.


Placing an order 

In order to place an order at  the customer must have an email account and an internet browser set to accept cookies and pop-ups, to allow all features of the online store.

Placing an order with IMELDA’SECRET is easy:

  1. Register or log in as a customer of IMELDA’SECRET – Personal Collector or Retailer;
    1. The personal collector user will have an account ready as soon as the registry has taken place;
    2. The retailer customer account will be reviewed by IMELDA’SECRET and subject to approval before being set.
  2. Find the product you want to buy;
  3. Add the selected products to the "Shopping Cart";
  4. Finalize / Review the order;
  5. Select the payment option;
  6. Proceed to the payment and confirm the order;
  7. You will receive an order confirmation by email;


Your order is confirmed when you select the "PLACE ORDER NOW" button at the end of the buying process. The purchase agreement is terminated at that time.

An order confirmation is sent to your email. We suggest printing or downloading a copy for future reference.


By submitting the order form you agree to the conditions of purchase as well as other conditions in, including the general Terms and Conditions of use.

IMELDA’SECRET may not process orders without sufficient guarantee of goods recovery. When orders are incomplete or incorrect, or the products ordered are no longer available, we will inform you by e-mail that the contract of sale was not made and that IMELDA’SECRET did not proceed with the sale, specifying the reasons. 

If the products featured in the online store are no longer available at the time of the customer’s latest access and when we receive the request, IMELDA’SECRET shall inform unavailability thereof within 30 days after receiving the request.

If you have placed and paid for an order of products that are no longer available, IMELDA’SECRET will refund the money paid for the unavailable items.


Right not to accept or cancel your order

IMELDA’SECRET reserves the right to refuse any order and also the right to cancel any purchase, even if it has already been accepted by us, in the following situations among others, free of responsibility for damages or costs:

* The product is no longer available / in stock (payments will be returned);

* The billing information is not correct or verifiable;

* The order is signed by our security systems as an incorrect order or order susceptible to fraud;

* If we find that you have less than 16 years;

* If there is an error in the price;

* If it is not possible to deliver to the address provided.


Data verification

After we receive an order its fulfillment depends on address verification, credibility and check fraud. Fraud verification is performed by automated checks on all orders to filter unusual transactions, suspicious or identified as susceptible to fraud. Suspected fraud will be investigated and if necessary prosecuted. Confirming your order means you agree to those conditions.


Product, pricing and stock information

 Products, pricing and stocks listed in our online store are only valid for online purchases made through and may not match other physical stores. Information on products, prices and stock may change at any time without notice, however IMELDA’SECRET will apply the prices and rates prevailing at the time of order confirmation.



All prices shown in the online store have as standard currency the euro (€ - EUR) and include VAT at the rate in effect at time of purchase. The shipping service costs are supported by customers and accrue the full amount of the selected products. Information on the price of these services will be available before finalizing the order.

Any change to the legal VAT rate shall be reflected in the price of goods. Some products may not have a specific price for resale by reasons of provision or limited availability. Such will be duly mentioned to the retailer customer.

If for any error - computer, technical, human, or any other kind - the price is not what is shown in the online shop at the time of the order fulfillment this will be detected and corrected and the customer contacted. If the actual price is lower, the difference will be returned; if the actual price is higher, the customer may choose to accept, modify or cancel the order.



The sale of products is limited to existing stock. The quantity of goods in stock is automatically determined by the online store system, regularly checked by staff responsible for the same and can be subject to changes or corrections. Some items cannot be guaranteed continuity because IMELDA’SECRET can stop producing a specific model.

If for any error - computer, technical, human or any other kind - the stock of an item is lower than what is shown in the online shop, the customer will be contacted should this situation imply that all the items in the selected amount cannot be shipped. The customer may choose to consider a replacement product, cancel the order or be reimbursed for the amount of all products.


Quality and warranty 

IMELDA’SECRET does not sell second-hand products, defective or inferior in quality to the standards existing in the medium-high market. The main characteristics of each product are shown in its corresponding product page at

The products on the online store IMELDA’SECRET may not exactly match the actual product in terms of image and colors due to the Internet browser and monitor/device used.

All products have an ID tag. Do not remove the purchased product label if you want to return the product. If you decide to exercise the right to return purchased products, IMELDA’SECRET has the right not to accept returned products without the label or altered from their original status / damaged.



The fulfillment of all orders placed on is subject to stock availability. IMELDA’SECRET tries to ensure that all items offered on the online shop are in stock. However, IMELDA’SECRET reserves the right not to accept or cancel orders already confirmed for products that no longer exist in stock. In these cases IMELDA’SECRET informs the customer of this fact by email and reimburses the paid amount.


Promotion deadline 

Online sales or promotions are valid only for the time they are displayed on until communicated otherwise. IMELDA'SECRET is not tied to any sale if spelling or price marking mistakes or other information errors occur. In this case IMELDA'SECRET reserves the right to cancel any purchase held under such errors



All products remain IMELDA'SECRET's property until full payment is made. The price applicable is the one set at the date on which you place your order. Shipping costs and payment fees are reviewable before confirming the purchase. If you are under 18 years old you must have parents' permission to buy from IMELDA'SECRET.

All transfers conducted through IMELDA'SECRET are handled and transacted through third party dedicated gateways to guarantee your protection. Card information is not stored and all card information is handled over SSL encryption. Please read the Terms & Conditions for the payment gateway chosen for the transaction as they are responsible for the transactions made.



IMELDA'SECRET uses cookies according to the new Electronic Communications Act, which came into force on 25 July 2003. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer / device that contains information to identify and track visitors. Cookies do not harm your computer / device as they consist only of text and cannot contain viruses, occupying virtually no space. There are two types of cookies: "Session Cookies" and cookies that are saved permanently on your computer / device.

The first type of cookie commonly used is "Session Cookies". During the time you visit, our web server assigns your browser a unique identifier string so as not to confuse you with other visitors. A "Session Cookie" is never stored permanently and disappears when you close your browser. To use IMELDA'SECRET online shop without troubles you need to have cookies enabled.

The second type of cookie saves a file permanently on your computer / device. This type of cookie is used to track how visitors move around on the website. This is only used to offer visitors better services and support. The text files can be deleted. On IMELDA'SECRET we use this type of cookie to keep track of your shopping cart and to keep statistics of our visitors. The information stored is an unique number, without any connection to personal information.


Additional Information 

IMELDA'SECRET reserves the right to amend any information, including but not limited to prices, technical specifications, terms of purchase and product offers without prior notice. If a product is sold out IMELDA'SECRET has the right to cancel the order and refund any amount paid. IMELDA'SECRET shall also notify the customer of equivalent replacement products if available.