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27 Jun 2017
Summer has arrived

Welcome Summer!

Posted By Imeldas'Secret
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Summer is officially here! Welcome Mighty Sun, may you tan our bodies to perfection. To keep feet fresh with style, in Imelda'Secret we trust!
27 Apr 2017
men sitted in a chair using a MarkAnthony oxford shoes without socks
Alas, here is the post that you have all been waiting for [drum rolls sound]. Yes, it is true Imeldas'Secret has launched a MEN COLLECTION. Yes, we had been getting a demand from the ladies to create shoes for their men that had Style, wereTrendy, Beautifully Crafted and Fa...
19 Feb 2016
IMELDA'SECRET @Pure London Premium Footwear Brands
28 Jul 2015
Our FW15-16 Montgomery has been featured in german blog, after meeting the IMELDA'SECRET brand in the last PREMIUM Berlin market of July 2015.
4 May 2015
Imelda by FIL
IMELDA’SECRET shoes brand name was born by the inspiration of the “shoe lover” and collector IMELDA MARCOS, believing that the secret of compulsive action of collecting is the fact that shoes are an object of desire.
1 May 2015

Lisbon Design Show 2014

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There are inspiring days and Wednesday was one of them. I was present in the 1st day of Lisboa Design Show and in the inauguration of the Casa Ideal 2014.

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