So we did some investigation and found out that Men felt like there was missing a Fun, Trendy and Confortable offer.

This 3 aspects had a lot of derivatives: Fun meant funnny but not in your face, Trendy meant with Style, creative but also that would easily transition from ankle lenght trousers to a more sporty chino pants; and Confortable, this was the easy one, that is what we at Imeldas'Secret are renowned and loved for.


So Ladies and Gentlemen (especially the latter), without further ado Imeldas'Secret is proud to present its new line of men shoes: #imeldasecret4men line


Made with exquisite materials, with a strong sense of style and handcrafted in Portugal.

We start this new collection of men´s shoes with Ankle Boots, Oxfords and Loafers.


Ankle Boots


AURELIO men ankle boots are available in sexy Black Velvet and Embossed Leather, detailed with a caramel calf skin Stripe and an engraved feather in the pipes.

Aurelio men ankle boots in black velvet and caramel stripe

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AURELIO men ankle boots with laces are also available in Grey Leather and Black embossed leather with dark red stripe.

Aurelio men ankle boots in grey leather and red stripe

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GABLE are men loafers in black embossed camouflage leather with a velvet shoe ridge. You can see the beautiful workmanship in the velvet ridge. The tassels are our feather logo. #nosocks

Gable men loafers in a black camouglage leather

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GABLE men loafers are also available in black embossed black velvet with an exquisite hand finished leather ridge and feather tassels in the same material. #nosocks

Gable men loafers in a black velvet

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MARKANTHONY are Oxford men shoes (aka Brogues men shoes) in a rich brown leather and embossed grey leather with a geometric pattern. Our signature  feather logo is engraved on the front tip of the shoe. #nosocks

MarkAnthony men Oxford in brown leather and geometric embossed

MARKANTHONY men oxford in rich brown leather

 Hope you guys love them and share them with you better half <3