MINI up to 3 cm or 1.2 inch heel - our vibrant textures are materialized into brogues, ballerinas, ankle boots, long boots, sandals, dorsays and all sorts of flirty flats. This category uses the colour carmine to identify it and clad the leather insole and the engraved feather in the sole. MINI - Flat and low heels KITTEN 3 to 4 cm or up to 1.6 inch heel– unexpected colours populate our pumps, ankle and long boots, peep toes and t-straps. The light green is the colour that defines it by way of the leather insole and engraved feather in the sole.

PLATFORM 4 to 7 cm or 1.6 to 2.76 heel – pumps, sandals, ankle and long boots all still comfortable and flirty. Acqua is the colour of the leather insole and the feather in the sole.

A great shortcut to help you in the future shopping of our collectible shoes. You may ask why we do not have really high heels? Our heels are designed to be comfortable during a full day of regular use without that horrible pain of poorly designed high heels at the end of the day... 

We are sorry to say you will not feel temped to use sneakers to and fro your appointments and then change into other shoes. Our philosophy entrails that footwear needs to fit lifestyle with no pain involved. So IMELDA’SECRET shoes means flirty, classy and confortable footwear full stop!!

The sole is always rubber to protect you from slipping and feel more comfortable in any situation. That is why our collectors swear IMELDA’SECRET shoes as perfect for those long haul flights. Our exotic textures in high quality materials will fit and adapt to your shoe shape in a way that only our finest leathers allow, therefore you will be walking on clouds anyway!