Ekberg was born in Malmö (Sweden), in a big family and worked has a fashion model in her teens. Entered in several miss pageants and in 1951 in Miss Universe© (but didn’t win). 

The combination of Ekberg's voluptuous physique and colorful private life (such as her well-publicized romances with Hollywood's leading men, such as Frank Sinatra, Rod Taylor and Errol Flynn) appealed to the gossip magazines making her a celebrity, for a time, she was even publicized as "Paramount's Marilyn Monroe".

She starlet in more than 40 films during her life started by doing small role in Paramount’s in movies lead by Lauren Bacall, John Wayne, Dean Martin or Jerry Lewis amounts others. 


Eckberg model - brand new SS16

She then passed in british films until the Italian Director Federico Fellini made her a global star with Marcello Mastroianni, the fountain of Trevi scene in Rome is still mystical 56 years later.

The curves and shapes of Eckberg where the inspiration for this homage model.

Confidant, determined, upstanding and eloquent is the characteristics of Anita personality that has able to raise from just a pretty face to a leading actress in several European countries, rejecting the Hollywood glamour that she enjoyed during some years to return to Europe. 

Butterflies are not a common pattern in shoes but that is not an issue for our lead designer and Founder. That has elected a fantastic heel for this platform shoes.


But the Dolce Vita is and will be her major role, portraying Sylvia Rank, the American film star is in the centre of a Roman media frezzy and (yet) escapes the paparazzi and in an impulsive and carefree attitude plays in the water of the Trevi Fountain.

This magical scene is represented symbolically in the turquoise mare calf skin. And the butterfly leather print the hot roman weather.

Eckberg in Turquoise

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