Athos Butterfly model - Sensitive 

In the famous romance by Alexandre Dumas the 3 musketeers (Athos, Porthos and Aramis) took the young D’Artagnan into their protection.

Athos was a father figure to the young one but was also the hedonistic: loved wine, women and partying.

All to hide his broken heart, he has never recovered from his marriage to Milady and seeks solace in alcohol.

This dynamic character has been the inspiration to a model of Imelda’Secret Spring / Summer 16 collection. Unique women ankle boots inspired in the shape of 18th century shoes.

To assure the confort of women's delicate feet, hidden inside the shoe there are adjustable elastic straps (hence the Secret in our brand).


Athos Bubble Gum Pink and Taupe model - Hedonist

Rafaela Marques Pinto the Founder and Lead Designer of Imelda’Secret has given a twist on the wine: The obvious colour would be burgundy, but not to Rafaela. To her the connection of wine and partygoer of Athos lead her to choose a Bubble gum pink.

A more funky and easygoing approach to wine :-)

Our exclusive feather logo buckle is presented here in a Vermillion calf skin.


As in all Imelda'Secret models the confort is paramount and this model has low heel and rubber sole.

This particular model is the first of a brand new line of more exclusive shoes, made with high end materials and hand finishes. More news to follow.

 Athos Bubble Gum Pink and Taupe model - Hedonist

 Athos model is currently available on this website has a preorder, meaning that you can order the shoe right at this moment and have the privilege to receive the model before is available to the world.



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Athos Butterfly model - Sensitive

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 Athos - Hedonist model