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About Us

The Brand

The name IMELDA'SECRET was inspired in the epitome of "shoe lover" and uber-collector Imelda Marcos, believing that the secret for the compulsive action of collecting lies in the fact that shoes are an object of desire! The physical image of the brand is represented by a feather, reflecting the influences of design: exotic, texture and lightness.

IMELDA’SECRET caters for women and men who appreciate the functional features of footwear, such as comfort and breathability of the materials, but do not relinquish a sleek design and dare to mix colors and textures. They become loyal to pieces, tending to collect the same model in different colors, looking to affirm their personality through shoes.

The IMELDA'SECRET shoes have classical forms easily perceived as comfortable, resulting in versatile and flirty shoes with a striking visual imagery. #imeldasecret

Brand Values

KEY WORDS: Collectable, Coquetry, Very comfortable

IMAGINARY: Art on feet, Explosion of textures and colors, Exotic materials


The Collections

IMELDA'SECRET collections' premise sits in the sphere of architecture - tailor form to function with refined aesthetic detail. The provocative manifest is to demolish the dichotomy of suffering versus beauty. To combine fashion and comfort is certainly a wish of everyone who desires to be trendy-chic, but requires a functionally detailed object to allow to express one's personality without malaise!

Drooping straps and precise cuts to highlight the bust line are exercises always evident in garments. IMELDA'SECRET incorporates in footwear these type of tools to design models with rounded and pointed decolletes in a proper and elegant fitting.

The noble and sensuous materials such as painted and etched pony fur, leather textured or painted with unique patterns, metallic leather and rabbit fur are assembled to materialise unexpected shoes.